How we will help you
*Weight loss    *Body Toning    *Improve Core Strength    *Improve Balance
*Improve Athletic Percormance    *Lessen Pain    *Strengthen Underactive Muscles

*Stretch Tight Muscles   *Creating a Healthier Lifestyle 
Creating a healthy body for your lifetime!
We are a training studio that will provide you the help, skills and motivation to guide you to your health and fitness lifestyle goals.  At our studio,  you will learn to build a solid foundation your body needs to move forward to reach your goals.  
Welcome to Fit and Balanced 
Where balancing your health and fitness comes first!
Circuit training
Consisting of high repetitions, low resistance (weight) with short rest intervals.  Perfect for indiviuals looking to tone and burn calories and build endurance in a short amount of time.  
Personalized Training
Customized fitness programs designed to reach personal health and fitness goals.  Included is Fitness Consultations for tracking progress and added guidance to attain fitness goals.